We offer training and custom made courses for Motorola SCADA maintenance and management

We offer training and custom made courses for Motorola SCADA maintenance and management. Our qualified English speaking trainers (other languages on request) all have practical skills and professional experience with know-how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Whether on-site, abroad or at our training centers - your personnel will be well trained to operate and maintain your Motorola SCADA system.

Common five days training course agenda:

Day 1

SCADA Introduction
Motorola main SCADA applications
ACE3600 Introduction
Hardware Introduction
Communication Features
Communication options:
conventional/trunking radio, GPRS, Microwave.
MDLC Protocol
STS Overview
Advanced Features

Day 4

Power Supply Introduction
Redundancy Introduction
Fast Event
Hands On
C Toolkit Introduction
Hands on

Day 2

I\O mechanism
Expansion Module
Application programming – Local process
Hands On
HW Test & SW Diag
MDLC communication types
Application programming – RTU to RTU
Hands on

Day 5
IP Firewall
Database backup in FLASH memory
Time synchronization: NTP, GPS
ACE3600 Security overview
IEC 870-5-101/104 protocol drivers introduction
Closing Q&A session

Day 3
Application programming – RTU to Central
Hands on
FEP’s Introduction
MODBUS Master/Slave Serial/IP
Hands on

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