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Latest generation of TETRA ATEX radios have been built with worker safety as the top priority.

The MTP8000Ex Series radios deliver enhanced coverage and loud and clear audio which means your on-site teams can stay safely in touch wherever they are even in the most hazardous environments.

Learn more about the MTP8000Ex Series here

We’ve even added Bluetooth Wireless Technology to the radios so that they can be paired with a heart rate monitor, so if your workers are seriously affected by hazardous conditions, an alarm can be sent over the radios to alert you to the danger.

The development of the MTP8000Ex Series is based on decades of working closely with front-line workers to understand their needs and the environments they work in.

As well as the enhanced connectivity, the radios have a range of features designed to ensure users can work safely and communicate easily:

Loud and clear audio – workers can hear and be heard in the noisiest environments

Coverage indicator – a clear LED indicator at the base of the antenna warns when coverage is poor

Large emergency button – quick and easy to use in critical moments, even with thick gloves

Extended battery life – in excess of 16 hours so the radio can outlast the shift when it matters

Fully interactive training on the MTP8000Ex Series is now available. Log into LMS to take the course, which is listed under: DMT1062 MTP8000Ex Series Sales Training. Please contact your account manager should you require any further information.

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