New Earpiece PMLN7560

Receive-only earpiece for MotoTRBO, TETRA and ASTRO P25 RSMS

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For users of Remote Speaker Microphones, the addition of an earpiece allows communications to be received discreetly, without disturbing others and preventing eavesdropping. This new receive-only earpiece with translucent tube and 3.5mm audio jack is ideal for users who don’t require FM or UL certification* and provides a cost effective alternative to existing earpiece MDRLN4941.

The new earpiece can be used across all Motorola Solutions radio families and is compatible with all our Remote Speaker Microphones that feature a 3.5mm audio plug. Parts are also available for personal issue or as replacements for lost or damaged items:

 RLN6242 – Quick Disconnect Tube
 RLN6282 – Replacement Ear Tips (Pack of 50)

* MDRLN4941A remains available to order for users still requiring FM or UL certification.

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