MOTOTRBO 10 Year Anniversary

Motorola Solutions has reached the 10th year milestone of its MOTOTRBO™ digital radio Portfolio.

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Celebrating 10th anniversary of MOTOTRBO™ in 2017 Motorola Solutions has reached the 10th year milestone of its MOTOTRBO™ digital radio portfolio with a comprehensive set of industrial communications solutions.
Motorola Solutions will further customise its MOTOTRBO portfolio to help target markets achieve their business performance and growth objectives. These solutions will be tailored to help organisations achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity and safety, and customised to suit companies of different sizes as well as the needs of technology users working in different roles.
Motorola Solutions recently conducted a survey among 300 technology users to determine the reasons behind company transition from analogue radio technology to digital technology. The survey found reliability, voice quality and battery life to be the most important drivers.
By choosing digital two-way radio solutions, customers can combine the best features of instant, crystal clear voice communications with business-focused data applications to manage their operations more efficiently.
For the past decade, Motorola Solutions has been regularly investing in R&D and innovation resources to enhance the features of the digital mobile radio portfolio for better collaboration within enterprises and organisations to improve daily operations.
This has enabled Motorola Solutions to deliver continued innovation to the Next Generation MOTOTRBO™ portfolio launched in 2016, including indoor location-tracking, longer battery life, Wi-Fi as well as integration of WAVE™ 5000 Work Group Communications software and Capacity Max digital trunking solution.
This follows earlier enhancements such as BluetoothTM, job-ticketing, dispatch applications, text messaging and longer talk times.

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