Leak Detection System


There are thousands of miles of long-distance product transport pipelines on the planet Earth. They serve for transportation of crude oil, petroleum-based products or gas. There is no manner of protecting the product lines against accidental or intentional loss of integrity; what can only be done is to minimize the damage caused as soon as possible.

As the density of long-distance transport pipelines network becomes ever greater, the risk of breakdowns/accidents of these lines grows. In most cases the damage is caused by natural forces; such as cracks of pipelines during surface erosion, during landslides, or corrosion effects may be the culprit. Human factors may be the causes in other instances (thefts of products, sabotage actions or operators’ faults). The ill effects are, nevertheless, always immense. Soil can be contaminated, drinking water sources may be destroyed and fires may also result.  The extent of damage is usually so great that the potential risks are addressed in multiple international agreements; such as Kyoto Protocol.

What is of utmost importance during detection of leaks from pipelines? First, it is the trust in information that it informs on actual leak. Then, exact location of the defect is also of great importance. And, of course, the speed, as with the volumes of material pouring out to the field each second, the time must be expressed in terms of millions of currency units rather than in minutes.

The Leak Detection System (LDS) is a worldwide unique technology, which serves for detection of even tiny cracks immediately after their emergence. The system is exact, reliable and fast.

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